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In 1978 I started providing services to the legal community. Working intimately with trial teams I was involved with the strategy – and the art – of preparing cases for jury and bench trials and hearings. From 1999 to 2017 I was  the senior trial consultant to an Am Law 100 firm in Dallas, Texas and am currently an independent litigation consultant in Dallas. I am honored to have served as the 2017-2018 president of the American Society of Trial Consultants.

Of course, in 40 years, you learn some things that don’t seem to directly apply to every case. After paralegal courses and then studying at the DFW School of Law, I supplemented my income as a wrangler and stage coach driver. In getting a four-in-hand draft of Belgians to go where they need to go, first you have to get the right team, then sometimes you need to let the lead horse have its head and sometimes you have to take the reins, but you always have to remember where you are going.

Since 2018 I have taken the professional experience and associations established over nearly 4 decades to again offer my services to the community at large.

Firms large or small often find they need specialized resources outside their own group. Asking colleagues is one way to find those resources. Importantly though, you need to know what you need before you start looking, and know when you need to have it. Over the course of my career I have “learned a thing or two”. You need to prepare in advance, you need to know your story, and you need the right team to get you there.

R–D Consulting is uniquely suited to help you in early case assessment, story development and in finding the right resources to assist you in preparing to present your case.

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Through Strategic Alliances, R–D Consulting can assist in finding and hiring:

Mock Trial/Focus Group Facilities – Venire, Venue and Juror Research
Focus Group Recruiting – Jury, Litigation and Graphics Consultants
Trial Technologists – War Room Setups – Concierge Services

*Trial Events include Trials and hearings before a Civil or Criminal Court, Mediations, Arbitrations, Depositions, Mock Trials, and Focus Groups

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Client Testimonials

Ric’s special talents are his insight into trial strategy, thoughts on effective trial themes, and his skill in preparing witnesses to testify. We put him on our team to assist in the electronic presentation of documents at trial. While he excels in those skills, they are available from many others. His special added value is in the insight he brings to trial preparation. Our client’s general counsel repeatedly mentioned how impressed she was with them both, as was I.


Genovese Joblove & Battista, P.A

I always appreciate Ric’s contributions. The client mentioned yesterday how impressed she was with his background trial support, knowledge, and insight. I certainly echo the client’s comments and particularly applaud the strategic contributions (ideas on testimony, assisting witnesses, reads on the judge, etc.etc.) and his excellent design and development of demonstratives along with his technical expertise. We are always happy to have him on our trial team.

Matt Deffebach

Haynes and Boone LLC

I’ve worked with Ric for many years and consider him to be an invaluable member of the trial team.  In addition to his mastery as a technician in terms of presenting evidence seamlessly during trial, he’s also a wizard at designing effective demonstratives.  But his greatest contributions typically come in the form of reading judges, juries, and helping to refine trial strategy as the case progresses.  I consider him my secret weapon

J. David Rowe

DuBois Bryant & Campbell

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