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Witness Training – Ditch The Magic List

There is a 2500 year old story about a young counsellor who was trying to help a couple of guys find a path to greater wisdom. One was a blacksmith, the other was a tailor. The young man told the blacksmith to concentrate on how all things are...

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Witness Preparation ≠ Witness Training

Originally written as HaynesBoone Trial Consultants Digest 2015 #2 You’ve prepared your witnesses. You are sure they are comfortable with all the facts, but have they been trained to walk into a room with which even you are not familiar . McKenzie...

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5 Million PowerPoints a Day Can Be Wrong!

Originally presented as HaynesBoone Trial Consultants Digest 2015 #1   5 Million! That is how many PowerPoint presentations are estimated to be shown in the world every day. One researcher estimated that the legal industry alone spends 3.6...

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